Health Insurance

All Skoltech students receive additional medical insurance.

Skoltech students who will be abroad for significant periods will also be provided with additional travel insurance.

How to schedule doctor appointment? 

  • Please call the 24-hour medical help desk 8-495-234-16-62, 8-800-100-5800

Inpatient service


  • Appointments, consultations and manipulations of medical specialists
  • Diagnostic laboratory tests
  • Instrumental diagnostics
  • Treatment manipulations and procedures
  • Physical therapy


  • Vision correction surgery
  • Extracorporeal blood treatment methods
  • Services provided for cosmetic purposes
  • Diagnostic and treatment of metabolic syndrome, adiposity and weight correction

Dental Care


  • Appointments and consultations of medical specialists
  • X-ray tests, including radiovisiography, panoramic exposure
  • Physiotherapy including depoforesys
  • Anesthesia manipulations
  • Operative dentistry
  • Surgical dentistry


  • Teeth prosthetics
  • Old filling replacement without medical indications
  • Teeth implantation
  • Correction of orthodontic disorders