Next Generation Program: Skoltech – MIT Joint Projects

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Skoltech – MIT Next Generation Program
3rd Call for Proposals

Release: January 14, 2020, updated March 18, 2020


I. Program Overview

Skoltech and MIT announce the 3rd Call for Proposals for the Next Generation Program (NGP) consisting of joint projects. This call is for faculty-initiated projects in research, education, and/or innovation, and welcomes applications for new projects as well as for extensions of previously supported projects. We anticipate issuing a (bi-)annual call for proposals during the current program.

A team jointly led by a PI from Skoltech and a PI from MIT may submit a single, integrated proposal in one or more of the following areas:

Research areas of science and engineering:

a. Data Science
b. Life Sciences and Health
c. Cutting-edge Engineering & Advanced Materials
d. Energy Efficiency
e. Advanced Studies

Areas of education, innovation, and entrepreneurship:

f. Course development
g. Educational initiatives
h. Innovation & Entrepreneurship development

In this 3rd Call for Proposals, Skoltech and MIT expect to award 5­–10 joint projects. The annual funding for NGP research projects is up to 12.5 million rubles for Skoltech and $200K–350K for MIT, for a 3-year grant period with anticipated start date of June 15, 2020 (each project will also have a mid-term project review). The annual funding for other collaborative projects is up to 4 million rubles for Skoltech and up to $200K for MIT, for a 1- or 2-year grant period.

II. Eligibility and Requirements

Eligibility criteria and requirements:

  • The proposal needs to be initiated jointly by a Skoltech faculty member or organizational stream representative and an MIT principal investigator (co-Project Leaders);
  • The proposal should involve coherent activities with clearly defined and essential contributions from each participating member;
  • The proposal should provide substantial impact in research, innovation, and/or education;
  • Each co-project leader may be involved with only one application within the 3rd Call for Proposals.

III. Application and Review Process

The 3rd NGP Call for Proposals consists of a two-stage peer-review process:
a. White Paper Submission
A completed White Paper templateshould be submitted jointly by Skoltech and MIT Co-PLs by e-mail to by February 10, 2020.

White Papers will be pre-screened for completeness. The NGP Steering Committee appointed by the Skoltech Provost and by the MIT Associate Provost for International Programs will perform a preliminary evaluation of the White Papers.
Announcement of the selected White Paper proposals and feedback from the Committee will be provided by March 6, 2020.
b. Full Proposal Submission
Selected teams of co-PLs will be invited to submit a Full Proposal (a template form will be provided by March 6, 2020) by e-mail to . The Full Proposal submission deadline is April 13, 2020.

The Steering Committee will evaluate the Full Proposals with the additional involvement of internal and external experts and select the awardees.
Announcement of the selected Full Proposals will be made by May 28, 2020. Funding will be released to the team of co-PLs upon negotiation of budgetary components and the formal signing of the respective documents.

IV. Timeline

Submission of White Paper (WP) February 10, 2020
Announcement of selected WPs March 6, 2020
Submission of the Full Proposal (FP) April 13, 2020
Announcement of selected FPs May 28, 2020
Signing of the Project Assignment (for Skoltech PL’s) June 11, 2020
Fund release for co-PLs July 1, 2020

V. Submission and Contacts

The White Papers and invited Full Proposals should be submitted by e-mail to   by a Skoltech co-PL by the respective deadlines.
For NGP inquiries please contact Ms. Karina Khapchaeva, Head of Research Initiative Office, at and/or Ms. Deliana Ernst, Assistant Director, MIT Skoltech Program at .

More Information

Skoltech – MIT Next Generation Program; 2nd Round of NGP Grants

The second call for proposals for the Next Generation Program has yielded in 11 proposals of which eventually 4 have been selected for funding. The Skoltech – MIT Joint Next Generation Program (NGP) covers the whole range of academic and institution development activities. That includes research, education, innovation and academic services towards establishing and promoting a mutually beneficial long-term bilateral collaboration between Skoltech and MIT, as well as further development of Skoltech work streams.

Lithium Redox Flow Batteries for High Power and High Energy Density Energy Storage

MIT PI’s: Fikile Brushett, Department of Chemical Engineering; Adam Willard, Department of Chemistry
SkT PI: Keith Stevenson, Center for Electrochemical Energy Storage and Center for Energy Systems
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Theoretical Fundamentals of Random Multiple-Access Channels with Applications to Massive Machine-Type Communications and Digital Fingerprinting

MIT PI: Yury Polyanskiy, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
SkT PI’s: Grigory Kabatiansky, President’s Office; Alexey Frolov, CDISE, loT Laboratory
View abstract >>

Simulation and Transfer Learning for Deep 3D Geometric Data Analysis

MIT PI: Justin Solomon, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
SkT PI: Evgeny Burnaev, Skoltech Center for Computational Data-Intensive Science and Engineering
View abstract >>

Energy Systems Planning for Government Regulations: New Formulations, Models and Algorithms

MIT PI: Juan Pablo Vielma, Sloan School of Management
Skoltech PI: David Pozo, Energy Systems
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Announcement, June 9, 2016

Skoltech is happy to announce the results of the first call for proposals within Next Generation Program: Skoltech – MIT Joint Projects.

The “Next Generation Program: Skoltech – MIT Joint Projects” (NGP) represents one of the new formats of Skoltech-MIT collaboration and covers the whole range of academic and institution development activities. NGP seeks to establish and promote a mutually beneficial long-term bilateral collaboration in research, education and innovation between Skoltech faculty members and their MIT counterparts through the research-driven projects, as well as further development of Skoltech work streams within its development programs.

During the 2015 Call for Proposals a total of 29 White Papers were submitted resulting in 25 Full Proposals.

A panel of external reviewers consisting of nearly 80 experts, including a diverse mix of international reviewers from USA, and Europe, and others from Israel, Australia, and Singapore carefully evaluated the pool of 23 full proposals for research-driven projects according to NGP evaluation criteria. In addition, the Steering Committee considered these peer reviews and also evaluated all of the proposals with regard to internal selection criteria and implemented an US National Science Foundation -style selection procedure – two internal reviewers presented each proposal and the Committee assessed them in a series of meetings.

The feedback from peer review was communicated to Project Leaders confidentially.

The list of 15 proposals recommended for support and endorsed by Skoltech President

We congratulate the project leaders of selected proposals. For those who were not selected we encourage them to resubmit their revised proposals for the anticipated 2017 call for proposals within NGP.

Skoltech has never had an internal competition of this scale and diversity. It clearly showed mutual interest and eagerness for collaboration in Skoltech and MIT faculty communities and sent a clear message on Skoltech research strengths, priorities and openness to our peers all over the world.

Skoltech thanks all participants and organizers of the first NGP Call for Proposals.