The Science & Industrial Policy Group

The Science and Industrial Policy Group, a division of Skoltech, engaged in organizing and conducting analytical work and research in the field of science and industrial policy, is preparing proposals for instruments and mechanisms of development of Russian science. This group is drawing conclusions by analysing global practices and taking into account the peculiarities of the Russian Federation. The same group supports Skoltech by interaction with public authorities in making decisions in the field of science and technology policy in Russia: it monitors the trends and directions of development of world science, interacting with the Russian Diaspora scientists on tools and mechanisms to reform Russian science.

The Group works actively with Russian government agencies, being involved in the actual processes of formation and implementation of state policy in the sphere of science and education. The key asset of the Group is a network of contacts in the scientific community around the world, with scientists and researchers involved in the issues of reformation of science and education systems, as well as representatives of leading industrial companies. Due to the unique competencies, the Skoltech Group is able to respond quickly to new challenges in the world of scientific and industrial policy arising in the light of university and industrial environments’ development.

The key areas of analysis and research activities of the Group are:

  • Priorities of science policy in the context of the modernization of the economy and building innovation policy
  • Organizational changes in Russian science
  • Regional aspects of science and technology policies
  • Internationalization of the Russian science
  • Mobility, networks, the circulation of professionals in the fields of technology, scientists and researchers
  • Ways for development of Russian science as an integral part of the educational process
  • Management system of Russian science
  • The alignment of technological industrial priorities for the formation of a competitive environment on the international market
  • New mechanisms of interaction between science and industry

Structure of the Group


Group Leader – DEZHINA Irina 

Dezhina Irina has D.Sc. degree in economics (2007, RAS IMEMO). She was a Fulbright Scholar (1997), Galina Starovoytova Award scholar at the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Studies (USA).  Irina  worked at SRI International (USA), served as a consultant for the World Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, CRDF, OECD, APEC, EU Framework Program, Russian Foundation for Technological Development, and other organizations. She is a RAS expert and a member of expert panel in science policy studies at the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.


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Senior expert – GAREEV Timur 




Activities of the Group 

1. Monitoring of Technological Development in Russia and the World

2. Publications