International Students

Skoltech is an institution with a global reach and an international community of faculty, students, and staff. We encourage top science and engineering students from all over the world to consider applying to Skoltech. About 15-20% of Skoltech students are non-Russian citizens, a number that is expected to increase as Skoltech grows to capacity of about 500 M.Sc. students and 700 Ph.D. students.

The Office of Student Affairs at Skoltech serves all incoming and currently enrolled international students. The Office provides assistance with:

  • Obtaining and maintaining a Russian student visa
  • Disbursement of fellowship benefits, including stipends and medical insurance
  • Activities to promote integration into the Skoltech community

Located just a few kilometers from the official border of Moscow, Skoltech offers close access to a major metropolitan area, including a vibrant start-up community, world-class theater and ballet, historical sites, and extensive green spaces. Learn more about life in Moscow.