Newsletter April 2012

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Spring has arrived, and with it a !owering of activities in the growth of Skolkovo Tech.
Several important accomplishments marked the months of February and March:
– The “white paper” initial proposals for our inaugural research centers were received. Researchers from over 30 countries and 360 institutions are represented—a strong international and Russian show of support for the development of the Institute.

See full press release >>
– On March 15-16 educators from around the world gathered at Skolkovo to discuss the priorities and learning outcomes for our educational programs.
– We have welcomed our “rst four Founding Faculty Fellows to the Institute.
– Our search for the “rst group of 20 students yielded over 100 applications and we are in the process of identifying the “nalists.
– At our Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, we received over 80 applications from Russian institutes and universities for the Innovation Sponsorship Program.
Finally, we are planning for the sustainability and long-term development of Skolkovo Tech. Over 47 large Russian companies will partner with Skolkovo Tech on building its endowment and developing companies R&D programs in Skolkovo.
In the next weeks, we will admit our “rst group of incoming students in IT and energy, begin interviewing our first candidates for the permanent faculty, and advance plans for our new campus.
Momentum is building, and we welcome you to join the adventure of Skolkovo Tech!

Edward F. Crawley

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