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Start-up company, co-founded by Skoltech Professor Yuri Shprits, will become a resident at Skolkovo

The start-up company Simmakers Ltd, co-founded by Professor Yuri Shprits of Skoltech has recently successfully passed the expert review and will soon be awarded the status of Skolkovo resident. The proposal was reviewed by eight independent experts and received 47 points out of the maximum 48. Custom designs, advanced numerical methods and the use of parallel architecture of inexpensive Graphyc Processing Units (GPUs) allow the company to bring its computing time significantly lower than that of its leading competitors.

The new software that is being developed by Simmakers Ltd will allow to accurately model heat treatment and improve critical material parameters such as stress-strain state and hardness, both of which are crucial for the performance and durability of different mechanical parts.
Currently the production of new work pieces requires a series of experiments in order to determine regime parameters of heat treatment for obtaining required performance properties. With the use of the new software developed by Simmakers Ltd., the lab experiments can be substituted by the full scale numerical experiments that can fully explore the parameter space and result in millions of dollars in savings. The software will be customized for particular applications.

“It is rather interesting that some of the numerical methods that are used by Simmakers are similar to what we use for computation of radiation in the near-Earth space environment. While the physical processes are of course different, some of the numerical methods are similar,” Professor Shprits said.

“We certainly look forward to collaborating with the Skoltech faculty and improving our methods even further. We will be also glad to involve the students from different streams at Skoltech,” Dmitri Evlanov, the company’s C.E.O., said. “We are of course interested in involving Skoltech’s IT students to develop new innovative software, we can involve the energy students since we are working on developing software for the oil and gas industry, E&I students will find exciting new opportunities and maybe even space students will get involved if they are using similar tools for space sciences.”

“In many aspects Simmakers is more advanced than some of scientists as they are already using multiple GPUs that can perform fast simultaneous operations and can help speed up solutions of the numerical problems” says Yuri Shprits. I am sure that both Simmakers and Skoltech will benefit from future collaboration on Skolkovo campus.

We shall remind that Simmakers is not the only the only representative of Skoltech among Skolkovo Foundation residents. In spring 2013 the start-up company founded by Skoltech student Anastasia Uryasheva (information technologies) enetered the list of Sk residents. For the last 2 years the idea of mobile search application Askeroid transformed from a course project into the company “Sadko Mobile“ with more than 130 000 users.

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