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Q & A Session with Cosmonaut Dr. Sergey K. Krikalev

Dr Sergey A. Krikalev, comsonaut and guest speaker at Skoltech

Dr Sergey A. Krikalev, comsonaut and guest speaker at Skoltech

It’s not everyday that the person who have spent more time in space than any other human, descends upon a university for a Q & A Session. Yet on September 11, 2014,  Dr. Sergey K. Krikalev, a Russian cosmonaut and space researcher, will join Skoltech’s faculty and students for a talk about anything and everything that is space exploration, past and future.

Summary: A veteran of six space flights who spent the longest time in space, more than any other human: a total of 803 days, 9 hours, and 39 minutes.

 Education: mechanical engineering degree from the Leningrad Mechanical Institute (now called Baltic State Technical University)





2009 – 2014 Head of Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (Star City)


2007 – 2009 Energia Corporation, Deputy Director on Human Spaceflight


2005 – 2005 (ISS Expedition 11 Commander, Soyuz TMA-06: Launched April 14, 2005)


2000 – 2001 (ISS Expedition 1, Soyuz TM-31: Launched October 31, 2000).


1998 – 1998 (STS-88 Endeavour). The first International Space Station assembly mission.


1993 – 1993 (STS-60) The first join U.S./Russian Space Shuttle Mission.


1992 – 2007 Energia Corporation , Deputy Director of 115 Department


1991 – 1992 (MIR Expedition 9-10, Soyuz TM12-TM13: Launched May 1991; Landed March 1992) Conducted seven EVA’s.


1988 – 1989 (MIR Expedition 4, Soyuz TM-7: Launched November 1988) Second joint Soviet-French science mission


1986 – 1988 Assigned to the Buran Shuttle program.


1985 – 1986 Cosmonaut basic training


1984 – Selected as a cosmonaut

1981 – 1985 Energia Corporation, Involved in testing space flight equipment, developing space operations methods, and participating in ground control operations



1989, Hero of Soviet Union

1989, The Order of Lenin

1989, Officer of Legion of Honor (France)

1989, Honorary title of Cosmonaut of USSR

1992, Hero of Russia

1992, The Order of Friendship

1994, 1998, 2011, NASA Space Flight Medal

1998, Warrant of Honor

2002, The Order “For Merit to the Fatherland”

2003, NASA Distinguished Public Service Medal

2007, Honorary citizen of St. Petersburg

2011, Medal “Of Merit in space exploration”

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