Final Presentations: How to Learn Python Online

The python language logo. Image courtesy of

The python language logo. Image courtesy of

The course instructors of the ‘How to learn Python Online’, Sadegh Nobari and Panagiotis Karras, invite you to attend the final student presentations.

When: Dec 18th 1.00-3.00 pm

Where: Hypercube building, 6th Floor


The presentations relate to what the students learned – and the real world applications:

1) Extracting and presenting knowledge from static analysis of social networks by Roman Prilepskiy.

2) Reading trajectory data from multiple GPS devices and analyzing them by Rustam Akhtyamov.

3) Two way communication with multiple devices simultaneously by Nikita Rodichenko.

4) Automatic knowledge discovery from dynamic social network analysis by Sergey Ivanov.

5) Automatic documentations and testing for developing python applications by Tatiana Smirnova

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