Book Presentation: Rethinking Engineering Education

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Skoltech president Edward Crawley presented his book “Rethinking Engineering Education, the CDIO Approach”. The event took place as part of the final stage of the CDIO Academy 2014/2015. This the second edition of the book outlining the international initiative, whose acronym name stands for Conceive — Design — Implement — Operate.

CDIO initiative is utilized worldwide by a 117 collaborating institutions, including MIT, Caltech, Stanford and others. The unique engineering education approach is also implemented in a number of Russian universities, including Tomsk Polytechnic University, Moscow Aviation Institute, Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radio-electronics and others. Last year saw more universities joining the initiative.

President Crawley envisioned CDIO in the 1990s as a response to industry leaders’ repeated complaints about the quality of tech and engineering students.  It provides an engineering context for educational institutions which send graduates out to the real world, where a young professional cannot settle for knowing the fundamentals but must also understand manufacturing, get design, possess a multidisciplinary perspective. Communication skills and ethical standards are also part of the package. Crawley said:

“This is the second edition of our book “Rethinking engineering education. The CDIO approach” and I am happy that the initiative that I personally regard as extremely effective has gained enthusiastic and knowledgeable audience in Russia. This book was issued by Higher School of Economics and published under the editorship of my colleague Alexander Chuchalin with whom we are putting the CDIO approach into practice. I hope that young generation of engineers will find this book interesting and useful!”

Skoltech is paving the way for cutting-edge and effective approaches to the engineering education. The school’s engineering educational programs are closely linked to the needs of modern industry – which is the essence of the CDIO approach – and in the long-term, support the Russian economy’s growth.

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