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New Course: Newcastle University professors teaching Smart Grids

Harnessing the power of the sun is just one of the goals smart grids aim to acheive. Image courtesy of

Harnessing the power of the sun is just one of the goals smart grids aim to acheive. Image courtesy of

The Skoltech Center for Energy Systems is pleased to invite students and other interested persons to a unique series of lectures: “Smart Grids”. The course will run in the fourth (Spring) term with the first lecture to be held on 2 April.

What makes this course unique? The team of professors from Newcastle University who will lead this course.

During the term you will have an opportunity to listen to five professors, top world experts and practitioners in the field of smart grids and integration of renewable energy in electrical grid.

Professor Phil Taylor is the Director of the Institute for Sustainability and Professor of Electrical Power Systems. His research focuses on the challenges associated with the widespread integration and control of distributed/renewable generation in electrical distribution networks. He has significant industrial experience as an electrical engineer including a period working in the transmission and distribution projects team at GEC Alsthom.  He has led a number of multi-million Smart Grids demonstration projects in the UK on behalf of Durham University and Newcastle University, including Customer Led Network Revolution (CLNR) which is the largest UK smart grid project thus far.

Dr. Neal Wade is project lead and researcher on projects in the electricity distribution and off-grid power sectors. These projects are addressing the need to cost efficiently decarbonise the power sector over the next thirty years by investigating the innovative network integration of new generation and demand technologies. Computer simulation, laboratory investigation and demonstration projects are used together to produce the new knowledge that delivers this need.

Dr. Padraig Lyons is a lecturer in Power Systems. His research is focused on the challenges and solutions for onshore and offshore electrical networks predicated by the anticipated growth in low and zero carbon technologies such as PV, wind generation, electric vehicles and heat pumps. Previously, he was a senior smart grids researcher at Newcastle and Durham Universities where he lead the network flexibility trial design and analysis for the Customer Led Network Revolution(CLNR) project. He also has industrial experience at ESBI, Ireland and protection and at TNEI Services Ltd., UK.

Dr. Simon Blake is a researcher into Power Systems, with particular interest in measuring and mitigating distribution network risk. Dr Haris Patsios is a Senior Research Associate.

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