Photonics and Quantum Materials come out of the shades at Skoltech’s Sci Talks 2.2

Most chances are, that you read these very words on your smartphone, tablet or your computer. Can you stretch or bend your device without damaging it? Not yet, but photon scientists are working hard to make it possible in the not-so-far-future. This application of photonics and quantum materials, and more, were presented on Skoltech’s Sci Talks 2.2.

Skoltech Sci Talks: six researchers and thought leaders shared their insights on cutting edge science with the public

Skoltech Sci Talks: six researchers and thought leaders shared their insights on cutting edge science with the public

Dozens of journalists, students from various universities, professors and representatives from different companies gathered on the 4th floor of the hypercube building, to listen to scientists from Skoltech’s Center for Photonics and Quantum Materials explain about their expertise.

“This is a very popular field in the world, and it’s booming even further”, said Prof. Ildar Gabitov, director of the Skoltech center for photonics and quantum materials, “We need to educate the journalists about it, and deliver the information to the media”. It seems like that there’s no better time for it, since 2015 is the International year of light and light-based technologies.

Even though we are surrounded-by and use photonic devices all the time, the science behind it is not at all simple to understand. The speakers (for full list of speakers and topics, please see below) were aware of this gap, and kept their presentations as simplified and understandable as possible. They all managed to do so within the limits of their 15 minutes, including questions from the audience.

“Today was a great event, very interesting”, summed up Raymond Saint-Pierre, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s correspondent, who attended the event, “It showed us the level of knowledge of the people who work here. It’s a very high caliber, very high level. I was quite impressed by the event, and I’m extremely impressed by the whole project of the Skolkovo “silicon valley”. It’s huge, I didn’t know about it. For me it’s a discovery.”

Prepare yourselves to more discoveries in the future, because the preparations for the next Sci Talks are well under way.

List of speakers and topics:

Prof. Natalia Berloff, “Quantum simulations with polaration graphs”,

Prof. Albert Nasibulin, “Carbon nanotubes: from synthesis to applications”

Prof. Nikolay Gippius, “Resonances in photonics: theory and modeling”

Prof. Vasili Perebeinos, “Electronics and opto-electronics with novel two-dimensional materials”

Prof. Ildar Gabitov, Director of the Skoltech Center for Photonics and Quantum Materials, “Presentation of the Center”

Prof. Pavlos Lagoudakis, Head of Solid State & Photonics Division, Deputy Head of School for Research, University of Southampton,”Nanoscience Galore: a nature-inspired perspective”

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