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Colloquium: Green energy: New technologies for the production and distribution of power


Speaker:  Prof. Volker Mehrmann, Technical University of Berlin, Germany

When: November 26, 16:00
Where: Skolkovo Innovation Center, Technopark, Bld 3, room 407

Abstract: The huge demand for energy in the world combined with the danger for a major climate change due to too many CO2 emissions has led to a rather rapid change in the technologies for energy conversion, moving away from fossil energies to regenerate energy sources such as wind, solar and geothermic energy. This development has created large difficulties for the development and operation of modern energy networks; the power generation is performed decentralized and has to be. First of all the supply has become rather erratic, due to the dependence on weather conditions. At the same time the difficulties in storing large amounts of electrical energy  leads to new challenges in techniques such as the development of new types of batteries or the conversion of electrical energy into gas which can be stored rather easily. On top of these difficulties, the safety of the supply chain and the influence of the energy markets has to be taken into consideration.

The talk will cover all these issues and show that a global consideration of the complete energy chain can be viewed as huge dynamical systems with multiphysical components. Although still a challenge for current simulation and optimization techniques, mathematical models of global energy are becoming essential in the day-to-day operation of such systems. Jointly with industrial partners, hierarchies of models are created that allow detailed simulation and optimization even under the influence of uncertainties. We present new techniques and demonstrate current challenges and perspectives.

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