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Colloquium: “Towards PICO-Satellite Formation Flying the UWE In-Orbit Experiences”


Speaker:  Prof. Klaus Schilling, Professor and Chair for Robotics and Telematics, President of the research company “Zentrum für Telematik”, University of Würzburg, Germany

When: December 10, 16:00
Where: Skolkovo Innovation Center, Technopark, Bld 3, room 407

Abstract: Networked distributed systems promise interesting perspectives for multiple small satellites, taking advantage of significant baseline distances. The University Würzburg’s Experimental satellite (UWE) program uses a step by step approach to develop and test in space the crucial technologies for formation flying at minimum necessary mass.
So far all UWE satellites could be realized at 1 kg.  UWE-1 (launched 2005) addressed optimization of internet protocol parameters to the space environment for future satellite network communication. UWE-2 (launched 2009) continued telecommunication experiments on “internet in space” and focused in addition on attitude and orbit determination by miniature sensors and advanced data processing. UWE-3 (launched November 2013) emphasizes a miniature attitude control system (ACS) implementation, based on six magnetic torquers and one very small reaction wheel. An increased reliability for the on-board data handling system was achieved by two low power consumption commercial microprocessors and advanced fault detection, isolation and recovery system software. With respect to spacecraft system design, the modular realization of UWE-3 forms the flexible basis for future multi-satellite formation systems.

We will talk about the application perspective for the four pico-satellite formation flying mission “NetSat”, being in implementation stage.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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