Seminar: “Domain Walls and Vortices Dynamics for Spintronics”

Konstantin ZvezdinWe are glad to invite you to a seminar by Dr. Konstantin Zvezdin, titled “Domain Walls and Vortices Dynamics for Spintronics”

Seminar abstract

Spintronic devices based on the controlled dynamics of domain walls (DW) and vortices have attracted great attention of physicists and engineers in the context of the development of energy-efficient components for nanoelectronics. I will review our recent modeling [1,2] and experimental results [3] on the DW wall dynamics in ferromagnetic nanostripe excited by spin‐polarized current injected perpendicular-to‐the‐plane.
The concept of a logical element based on these effects will be presented. The second part of the talk will be devoted to the vortex dynamics in MTJ nanopillars. I will discuss possible ways to increase the output power and to improve spectral characteristics [4] of these structures in order to enable real-life spintronic microwave applications, such as microwave generators and detectors.


  1. Khvalkovskiy, A.V., Zvezdin, et al, (2009) Physical Review Letters, 102 (6), 067206
  2. Skirdkov P.N., Zvezdin K.A., et al., (2014) Appl. Phys. Lett. 104, 242401
  3. Chanthbouala, K.A.Z. et al., (2011) Nature Physics, 7 (8), pp. 626-­‐630
  4. Dussaux, A., K.A.Z., et al., (2010) Nature Communications, 1, p.8

Speaker introduction

Konstantin Zvezdin got the M.Sc. degree at Moscow State University in 1998, and obtained his PhD degree at Prokhorov General Physics Institute in 2001. Konstantin has spent 5 years in Fiat Research Center as an external consultant, working mainly on industrial applications of spintronics. Konstantin has established a start-up company in Italy, and represented it in executive boards of several EC funded projects (MASTER, HiWi, UV-Tech, EM-Safety, SOCGraph). Konstantin is a member of the board of directors of the private research center «Torino E-district» (Turin, Italy). He coordinates the spin-diode development project at Russian Quantum Center.
Konstantin is the author of more than 40 scientific publications on spintronics.

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