Skoltech is an international graduate research-focused university that was founded by the group of world-renowned scientists in 2011. Skoltech's curriculum focuses on technology and innovation, offering Master's programs in 11 technological disciplines. Students receive rigorous theoretical and practical training, design their own research projects, participate in internships and gain entrepreneurial skills in English. The faculty is comprised of current researchers with international accreditation and achievements.

A delegation from Airbus Group and Philips visited Skoltech

One of Skoltech’s main goals is establishing strong and substantial cooperation relations with key industrial players. Airbus and Philips are most certainly such players, and a delegation from both companies visited Skoltech to establish working relationships and identify promising areas of cooperation. The delegation was led by Dr. Jean Boti, chief technical officer at Airbus group, who soon will takes over as Philips director of  innovations and strategy.


Alexander Kuleshov, Skoltech president and Prof. Athanasios Polimeridis.

Besides Mr. Boti, the delegation included Marina Evans, the Director General of Airbus Group Innovations, Alistair Scott, Head of Intellectual Property Department of Airbus Group, Eric Achtman, Chief Executive Officer V-NOVA,  Lawrence Stein, Senior Communications Department Manager Airbus Group, and Zmitser Bandarenka, Head of R & D Airbus projects Group Innovations.

Alexander Kuleshov, Skoltech president, gave the guests a brief introductory speech, and then introduced them to Skoltech professors and their current researches.

Prof. Athanasios Polimeridis from the Center for Computational Data-Intensive Science and Engineering, presented his design platform for the simulation of electromagnetic waves interaction with biological tissues in MRI systems, next-generation COMPULIFE. This work is of practical importance for the creators of the equipment for magnetic resonance therapy, allowing to obtain better results of the MRI procedure.

Prof. Konstantin Severinov told about the activities of the Center of Biotechnology and Biomedicine and Skoltech project to develop a technique of personal genetic screening.

In a brief presentation prof. Albert Nasibulin presented his research on the synthesis of carbon nanotubes and their practical application in the creation of flexible electronics, including medical applications.

Prof. Victor Lempitsky spoke about ongoing work at Skoltech over eyesight system capable to adjust the direction of view in the video conferencing and video chat programs, based on the method of machine learning and does not require additional equipment.

Director of the research programs and technology transfer at Skoltech, Igor Seleznev, presented development of new materials, which can be used to create electronics.

After the presentations, the delegation inspected the Airbus Group Design Center lab, production and materials, visited the lab and student robotics workshop.

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