CDISE Seminar: Process Science in the Age of Big Software

Friday, 27 May 2016

11:00 – 12:00 in Room 148 (note that the room is different from usual)
Dr. Vladimir Rubin, Dr. Rubin IT Consulting

Process Science in the Age of Big Software

Nowadays, data science is one of the most rapidly emerging interdisciplinary fields creating thousands of new jobs. People surrounded by machines are involved in the “Internet of events“, including the Internet of things, the Internet of content, and the social networks; they continuously produce enormous amounts of data. This event data can be used not only for detecting data dependencies and patterns, but also for deriving process models. The area, which deals with discovering processes from event data, is called “process mining”. Process mining bridges the gap between classical data science and process management and constitutes the substance of a new discipline called “process science”.

In this talk, we introduce the methods of process mining; show how process mining helps to analyze and to create “big software” using the event data generated by the information systems at runtime. At the end we point out several industrial challenges, which call for the necessity of combining the areas of process and data science, architecture of information systems and agile approaches.

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