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Skoltech Colloquium: “Advanced Manufacturing: Technologies, Trends and the Building of Innovation Ecosystems”


reynolds-smaller-221x300Speaker: Elisabeth B. Reynolds, Ph.D.
Executive Director, MIT Industrial Performance Center
Lecturer on Innovation and Economic Development, Department of Urban Studies and Planning


Recent years have brought a renewed focus on the importance of manufacturing to the health and future growth of the U.S. economy. Most critically, America’s ability to innovate is being linked to its strength in manufacturing. Without strong capabilities in advanced manufacturing, there is concern future innovation in critical industries such as the life sciences, energy, and aerospace/defense will be hindered. But changes in U.S. corporate structures and the rise of global value chains have left “holes” in the U.S. industrial ecosystem, reducing many of the important investments and spillovers that used to flow from large corporations to smaller firms and the larger ecosystem as a whole.

In this presentation, Dr. Elisabeth Reynolds, a member of MIT’s Production in the Innovation Economy Commission and co-author of the Industrial Performance Center’s report, Strengthening the Innovation Ecosystem for Advanced Manufacturing, will review recent developments in advanced manufacturing technologies, trends and public policies, and their implications for building “innovation ecosystems” that support manufacturing in the U.S. Using a systems approach, she will draw on work conducted in the state of Massachusetts to look at how a high-wage, highly innovative region in the world is developing globally competitive advanced manufacturing capabilities.

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