Lecture: «Structure Preserving Dimension Reduction for Musical Signals»

ekaterina-krymovaSkoltech Center for Energy Systems is pleased to invite you to the lecture «Structure Preserving Dimension Reduction for Musical Signals», which is a part of the seminar “Modern machine learning and application”.


Ekaterina Krymova, Research assistant at University Duisburg-Essen, Germany.


In the talk we will discuss mathematical problems which arise in cochlear implant music transmission. Also a novel unsupervised segmentation procedure for music signals will be presented which relies on an explained variance criterion in the eigenspace of the constant-Q spectral domain. It is compared to a segmentation based on equidistant boundaries. The results demonstrate that the proposed segmentation procedure gives an improvement in terms of signal-to-artefacts ratio in comparison to corresponding equidistant boundaries segmentation.

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