Radiologists, data scientists join forces at Skoltech to revolutionize diagnostics

Dr. Sergey Morozov says a few words during the CoBrain Seminar. Photo: Skoltech.

Dr. Sergey Morozov says a few words during the CoBrain Seminar. Photo: Skoltech.

Some of Moscow’s brightest minds in radiology and data science came together at Skoltech on Thursday to develop a strategy for the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to increase the reliability of diagnostics as part of the game-changing CoBrain initiative.

We caught up with Dr. Sergei Morozov, Chief Radiology Officer of Moscow, President of the European Society of Medical Imaging Informatics, to learn more about the initiative, which he is working on with Skoltech’s Dmitry Dozhdev.

Morozov explained that AI could revolutionize the diagnostics process. His radiology center fills its databases with some 1,500 unique imaging studies on a daily basis. Of these, about 5% are peer reviewed. This requires a great deal of manpower, and the expert findings are only available after a significant amount of time has passed. Automation will help the clinic identify and manage diagnostic mistakes in real time, rather than retrospectively, which will be in the best interest of all patients.

His radiology clinic has joined forces with Skoltech in order to get this technology off the ground.

“We believe that solving clinical problems using Artificial Intelligence will be very efficient because of the abundance of deep learning methods and specialists, but this will require strong cooperation and the integration of clinical specialists and data scientists. An incredible amount of work is needed of the data scientists at Skoltech. They’ll work together with clinical specialists and managers to define work flows for automation and streamline the development of products for data analysis in healthcare,” Morozov said, explaining that the task at hand will be defined by the clinical side and enabled by data science specialists.

“This seminar is taking place at the intersection of healthcare, clinical medicine, business and IT,” Dr. Morozov said. “Meetings like today’s CoBrain seminar are very important as they draw together specialists from diverse fields who are working on different aspects of the same projects.”

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