Open lecture: Find yourself on the road


#What? “Find yourself on the road” – an open lecture with Kira Tverskaya
#When? – Thursday, February 15th, 17:00
#Where? – Cohort Space
This Thursday will bring you an amazing experience, because we got Kira Tverskaya who’ll be visiting Skoltech to give a remarkable open lecture called “Find yourself on the road!” Feel free to like, share, invite your friends and ask questions!
Kira Tverskaya is a journalist, social media manager, translator and travel blogger. The list could go on, because she could never focus on just one thing. With a long history of working for well-known Echo of Moscow​ radio, she has also taken parallel paths writing for Lonely Planet and other projects, translating and interpreting, and traveling to 37 countries. Kira has found inspiration in road trips, volunteering and social work abroad, and is happy to share her experience with others.
A few words about the lecture: “We’ll talk about why humans travel, and how traveling could influence our life experience and personality. About the importance of knowing when to take a break, wander off into the wild and find solutions to long-standing problems. And, of course, where to look for the world’s best opportunities.”
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