AKADO Telecom and Skoltech to launch joint innovative projects

Image: Skoltech.

Image: Skoltech.

AKADO Telecom and the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech) agreed to carry out joint projects in the field of wireless communications and the Internet of Things based on a telecommunications infrastructure.

According to the terms of the agreement, the consortium which will include AKADO Telecom and Skoltech will engage in projects and activities aimed at developing end-to-end technologies, train scientists and engineers, provide an infrastructure for R&D projects, establish and develop a Center for Wireless Network Technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT) using Skoltekh’s resources, and carry on other operations.

It is expected that upwards of 300 AKADO Telecom employees will complete Skoltech’s professional training programs in “advanced data collection and analysis methods,” “Internet of Things technologies,” “data science,” and “computing science and engineering” till 2022. About 100 students of the future Center will take up a traineeship with the telecom corporation in the next four years.

AKADO Telecom and Skoltech’s joint research activities will include the development of data analysis methods, IoT technologies, and an infrastructural platform for collecting urban environment data for innovative telecommunications products.

The parties also agreed to participate in the government-sponsored grants competition among the National Technology Initiative centers which include the future Center for Wireless Network Technologies and the Internet of Things.

“IoT and AI (Artificial Intelligence) are currently the most salient technological trends. It’s IoT and AI that will trigger the greatest changes and open broad opportunities in the next five years. All the market players will eventually fall into two distinct categories – winners and losers – depending on the quality of data (IoT) and the quality of analytics (AI),” – says Industrial Cooperation Advisor at Skoltech Dmitry Yumashev:

“The spread of wireless data transmission technologies and evolution of IoT are the key steps of digitalization which is needed both for developing the country’s economy as a whole and for improving the quality of life of its citizens,” – says AKADO Telecom CEO Sergey Nazarov. “Our company pursues the business digitization strategy and takes decisive action to implement cutting-edge technologies. We are confident that our cooperation with Skoltech will help us make further progress in taking innovative products to the market and integrating them in modern high-tech services for both corporate clients and individuals.”

Within its business transformation initiative, AKADO Telecom is establishing innovative strategic partnerships with Renova Group companies and the academic community.


COMCOR Open Joint Stock Company (AKADO Telecom trademark holder) is a telecom corporation that provides digital and analogue TV services, high-speed Internet access for individuals, and up-to-date communication services based on a multiservice fiber optic network (data communication, corporate VPN networks, information security, protection against DDoS attacks, etc.) and cloud technologies for  corporate clients through its data center. The company’s customers include small and medium-sized businesses, major commercial structures, credit institutions and financial groups. AKADO Telecom also renders services to the Moscow Government’s municipal service providers.

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The Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech) is a private graduate research university established in 2011 in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The Institute model relies on close integration of technology training, research and entrepreneurial skills. Skoltech’s educational programs cover diverse areas such as data-intensive biomedicine and biotechnology; electrochemical energy storage; design, manufacturing and materials; energy systems; hydrocarbon recovery; photonics and quantum materials; computational and data-intensive science and engineering; space science. Students who have successfully completed a program get a Master’s or a PhD degree.

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