Skoltech research on industrial machine learning for causal discovery awarded with an international scholarship

Graduate student, Rodrigo Rivera, from CDISE-based scientific group ADASE (Advanced Data Analytics in Science and Engineering, of prof. Evgeny Burnaev, was awarded coveted scholarship by the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACyT) in Mexico. The council sponsors top Mexican students to pursue graduate studies at the 100 best research-intensive universities in the world. The acceptance rate is ~10-15% depending on the year and budget available.


Rodrigo Rivera


A committee of five professors in machine learning and data science gave positive reviews to the research proposal supervised by Associate Professor Evgeny Burnaev to develop Gaussian Process models for causal discovery to address problems in the consumer goods industry. With this type of methods, it is possible to highlight drivers in demand and to allocate production more efficiently at the point of sale to diminish waste. Their flexibility enables them to be used in a myriad of contexts, for example, to assist policy-makers in understanding the potential effect of a new regulation or on helping farmers maximize the yield of their crops.

Prof. Burnaev was quoted as saying that this is a further confirmation of the relevancy of the research done by the ADASE group at CDISE (Skoltech Center for Computational Data-Intensive Science and Engineering) and concretely of Gaussian Process methods as tools to address high-impact industry problems. The research community has started to shift its focus from understanding prediction to causation. Applications for causal methods are especially interesting in the field of industrial machine learning, as senior management looks to understand the causes behind an event.

The National Council of Science and Technology was established in 1970 as the Mexican government’s advisory body in charge of implementing public policies on behalf of the Federal Government, to promote scientific and technological research, innovation and technological development. Please find more information here

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