Professors share Skoltech’s expertise as students begin preparing their 2018 Innovation Workshop projects


Photo: Timur Sabirov / Skoltech


The expertise and technological capabilities within Skoltech have been detailed by the institute’s professors, enabling the incoming class of students to prepare their next steps in evolving the innovation projects to be pursued during this month’s Innovation Workshop.

In a first for Skoltech’s annual Innovation Workshops, more than 350 students benefitted from a busy day of presentations, during which Skoltech’s active professors outlined the expertise that exists across the Centers for Research, Education and Innovation (CREIs).

Designated the Innovation Workshop’s Project Fair, this day-long series of briefings and breakout sessions covered extremely diverse topics – from communications robots for autistic children, novel services for self-driving cars and virtual reality chemical structures to composite skateboards, hybrid robots for inventory control, and recoverable launchers.


Photo: Timur Sabirov / Skoltech


“It was an exciting day for me, as the Innovation Workshop’s Project Fair served its dual purposes,” explained Dmitry Kulish, the Skoltech Professor of Practice who is directing this year’s Innovation Workshop. “The Project Fair really motivated the students, who were clearly enthused by the expertise represented throughout Skoltech. “Additionally, it allowed our professors to share their knowledge with the entire class of incoming students, who represent the next generation of researchers, entrepreneurs, scientists and decision-makers.”


Photo: Timur Sabirov / Skoltech


Following the Innovation Workshop’s Project Fair, students have two days to build their innovation project proposals – determining such elements as the specific technologies needed, the industry sectors involved, and end-user needs. In pursuing the projects during the coming weeks, students will be able to consult with Skoltech professors for inspiration and guidance, while having access to the institute’s appropriate laboratories.

“The Skoltech Project Fair is yet another example of our vision to make the 2018 Innovation Workshop ever more dynamic and relevant for our students,” said Lawrence Stein, the head of Skoltech’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, which organized the 2018 Innovation Workshop. “A total of 33 inspired projects were ‘pitched’ by our professors and researchers to the students.”

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