Public talk “AI and I, a future development trade show” by Christian von Borries



“AI AND I” is based on “A better version of you” (, which was a fictional trade show presented in Bejing (2018) and Seoul (2017), “… hosting a display of innovative technologies, where artists and tech-developers from across the globe join hand.” AI AND I is the next iteration of a future trade show developed by AI UNIT, focussing on Artificial Intelligence, specifically Machine Learning.

Machine learning can also be used for non-commercial forms of failure, creative misunderstandings, playfulness and anti-narration using its efficient symbolic architecture to reflect human / non-human knowledge. We are interested in this form of “soft thought” through AI. What can we learn from it? Introduced through a false-flag “trade show” aesthetic we are interested in the dialectics of artistic AI applications being unconditionally tied to corporate technology and frameworks. What are possible strategies of AI art in commerce?

Looking forward to see you there!


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