Skoltech joins the student track of the National Technology Initiative (NTI) Contest. Winners will be able to join Skoltech MSc program

Registration for the student track of the NTI Contest began on December 3, 2018. Students will be able to compete in 6 knowledge areas, two of which (“Aerospace Systems” and “Wireless Communication Technologies”) were developed by the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology. The “Aerospace Systems” profile was organized by the Space Center in partnership with “Roscosmos”, RSC “Energia”, the Lavochkin Science and Production Association and “Voltbro.” The content-developers of the “Wireless Communication Technologies” profile are the Center of Excellence of the National Technology Initiative (“Wireless Communication Technologies and the Internet of Things”) in partnership with LLC “Polyus-NT” (Center for Youth Innovation Creativity “Baikal”).

The track will be available to students of all courses as there are no age limits for the participants. The difference will only affect the reward system: the winners, 4th and 5th year students, will be able to continue their studies in specified Master’s programs at the following five universities: Skoltech, ITMO, Innopolis University, FEFU and Tomsk Polytechnic University.

An important bonus for the participants is the possibility of admission to Master’s programs, regardless of their place of study at the time of the NTI Contest. Those students who do not participate in any track still have the opportunity to join the abovementioned universities during the regular admission campaign.

In order to be admitted to Skoltech Master’s Programs, the participants of the NTI Contest (apart from the team segment) have to opt for the individual track, which consists of an interview with a board of Skoltech professors about academic and personal achievements and to pass the TOEFL ITP exam on site.

For 3rd year students or below, there will be internships including laboratory-based works and summer design schools in robotics. Some will be partially paid.

The main organizer of the NTI Contest, Alexey Fedoseev, stated: “Many participants of the school track of the competition have already become students and the request for a student track came primarily from them. The track will preserve the best traditions of the NTI Contest. The finalists will have to work in teams on real projects and gain practical experience required for future work. Although this year’s student track is a pilot project and does not need to attract a huge number of participants, the important task is to run a high-quality contest.”

The first stage of the student track will be held online on the platform (or other online platform from the profile content-developer), which allows any student with Internet access to become a participant. After the successful completion of the online stage, students will have face-to-face finals at the universities where they will have to solve cases working in teams.

List of student track profiles of the NTI Contest:

  • Aerospace systems;
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality;
  • Intellectual robotic systems;
  • Applied artificial intelligence;
  • Wireless communication technologies;
  • Smart city.

General NTI Contest information for students:

Registration will be open until mid-January, 2019.

To apply:


The operator of the NTI Contest is the Kruzhok Association, a non-profit organization established to support and develop initiatives and companies in the field of tech education operating under the National Technology Initiative and the Strategy of Scientific and Technological Development of the Russian Federation, approved by decree of the President of the Russian Federation № 642 dated December 01, 2016. Coordination and development of the NTI contest as an all-Russian project is carried out by the Kruzhok working group of the NTI. The project is a way to create an environment in Russia for talented young people in the scientific and technical field.

The NTI Contest, a uniquely formatted engineering competition for pupils from 7-11 grades, is aimed at identifying and developing talented children who are able to solve complex interdisciplinary tasks. The event has been held by Russian Venture Company (RVC JSC) and Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) since 2015. The profiles of the NTI Contest correspond to the industry priorities of the National Technology Initiative (NTI), a program on Russia’s global technological leadership by 2035.

Contact information:
Skoltech Communications
+7 (495) 280 14 81

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