How much oil is left on Earth?

It is generally believed that the global oil reserves will last for several decades only and the hydrocarbon era is nearing its end, but this is far from true. The actual concern is that oil production is becoming more difficult and costly. While the energy sector can switch to renewable sources, the polymer industry has not yet found a suitable alternative to hydrocarbons. Skoltech Associate Professor Alexey Cheremisin will talk about advanced production technologies used in conventional oil fields and methods of extracting hard-to-recover and unconventional reserves, such as heavy and shale oil. Come to the lecture to find out more about exploration and production of hydrocarbons, a challenging task addressed using cutting-edge technologies and computational methods.

Alexey Cheremisin is Professor and Associate Director for Experimental Research at the Skoltech Center for Hydrocarbon Recovery. After graduating from the Physics Department of the Novosibirsk State University (NSU) and prior to joining Skoltech, Alexey worked at Schlumberger’s R&D department where he engaged in the development of new hydraulic fracturing technologies.

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