Russia-Thailand Round Table on Education and Research 2019


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On Wednesday, October 23, Skoltech played host to the Russia-Thailand Round Table on Education and Research (RTRT 2019). This is a follow-up from last year’s Thailand-Russia Round Table on Education and Research 2018 (TRRT 2018), which took place in Thailand and was attended by Skoltech President Alexander Petrovich Kuleshov, Provost Keith Stevenson, Vice-President for International Business Affairs and Intellectual Property Lawrence Stein, Professor of Innovation and Intellectual Property Kelvin Willoughby, and Skoltech PhD student Punyapat Saksupapchon.



Image by Timur Sabirov.


One of the key achievements of last year’s Thailand-Russia Round Table was that it led to the formal signing of the collaboration agreement between Skoltech and the National Science and Technology Development Agency of Thailand, and the establishment of the “HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Scholarship,” each year giving three gifted Thai students the opportunity to study at Skoltech. This year, Skoltech is to play a key role in RTRT 2019 by acting as host to the Thai guests, who yesterday attended the Russia-ASIAN Forum.



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The program comprised three sessions, containing approximately twenty-seven presentations and discussions from key figures in the Thai delegation and the Russian hosts. The topics covered include “Nurturing Gifted Students: Learning Through Research with a Reference to Thai-Russian Collaboration,” “The Russian-Thai Connection in Mathematics Education,” “Highlights of Collaboration between Suranaree University of Technology and Russian Institutions,” and many others.



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“In my opinion, this is a very positive signal for building a strong relationship between Thailand and Russia, especially in the education and research field. I am glad that this event is taking place at Skoltech, because Skoltech is one of the youngest and the most innovative universities in Russia. I think educational and research institutes both in Thailand and in Russia would benefit from this event, because there will be more research collaborations and exchange programs. Skoltech will also further develop its positive image and become well known in Thailand.

I think the HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Scholarship greatly benefits Skoltech to recruit top students from Thailand because the Thai people really trust the princess due to her continuous hard work. Thai people believe that the institutes selected by the princess are highly qualified and certified. Most of the top students in Thailand would like to be part of the princess’s scholarship programs, and this has resulted in more than 60 Thai applicants for this scholarship over a very short period. Skoltech has saved many financial resources in recruiting students from Thailand, and has built more awareness to a wider group of Thai people as a highly qualified university. On the other hand, this scholarship benefits Thai students because they receive a full scholarship, a stipend, a unique experience living in Russia, and a great opportunity to study and do research in one of its most innovative universities.” – Punyapat Saksupapchon, Skoltech PhD student



Image by Timur Sabirov.


View the full program here.

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