Skoltech helps Sberbank Corporate University to conduct a digitalization and artificial intelligence course for top Sberbank managers


Assistant Professor Andrey Somov.


Over the past two weeks, Skoltech has been helping Sberbank Corporate University conduct a digitalization and artificial intelligence course for 57 top Sberbank managers. During the first week, executives from our startups gave presentations, addressing the managers. Andrey Somov talked about Head Kraken, Georgy Potapov presented about, and Alexey Zaitsev talked about 01Mathematics.

During the second week, we provided a specially designed course on the business-technical introduction of data analysis for top managers. After the course, managers without a technical education were able to construct and evaluate machine learning models in Python and neural networks in Keras. The managers with a technical background, among other things, competed on the Kaggle platform and figured out which heuristics improve the work of neural networks.

This course required a large, professional team, which included 17 Skoltech employees and students and 3 HSE employees.

Many thanks to all involved in helping with the course, as you make it possible for knowledge to flow from Skoltech to industry! This course is not the last course for Sberbank this year. In November, we have scheduled a course for Sberbank technical specialists on neural networks and Bayesian methods.

Contact information:
Skoltech Communications
+7 (495) 280 14 81

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