The Synergy of Chemistry and Bio-medicine – Conference


Image by Timur Sabirov.


The Chemistry and Bio-medicine Synergy conference took place at Skoltech from 19-21 September. The goal of the event was to strengthen international scientific cooperation in the fields of bio-medicine and chemistry that are devoted to blue-sky research and the development of breakthrough technologies. There were 70 participants 38 from Skoltech and 32 from partner universities. The conference program included lectures and presentations on the results of research conducted by postgraduates and young scientists involved in developing carbon nanomaterials, nucleic acids, the use of Omics technologies, as well as small molecule medicinal chemistry. The lecture modules included “Carbonic Nanomaterials for Bio-medicine”, “Nucleic Acids”, “Young Scientists”, “Bio-medicine”, and “Omics”, as well as a round table session.


Image by Timur Sabirov.


The “Carbonic Nanomaterials for Bio-medicine” module comprised of seven talks, two of which were conducted by lecturers from German partner universities and four by Skoltech professors and employees. Audience members learned about the use of carbon nanomaterials in bio-medicine (nucleic acids) for the diagnosis of different diseases, particularly bacterial infections.

The “Nucleic Acids” module comprised of seven talks by professors from MSU, Skoltech, the University of Leipzig, the University of Massey, and the Institute of Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine SB RAS.

The “Young Scientists” module comprised of talks and presented research by young scientists, postgraduates and students from Skoltech, the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, MSU, and the Institute of Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine.


Image by Timur Sabirov.


The “Biomedicine” module consisted of two talks by lecturers from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, one talk by a Skoltech professor, and one by an employee of the Institute of Bio-organic Chemistry. The focus of the talk was on the role of neutrophils in the development of inflammation suppression, and the role of macrophages and extracellular nucleic acids in the development of chronic diseases.

The “Omics” module comprised of talks by lecturers from the Technical University of Munich, Skoltech, and the Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology.

A total of 25 lectures were conducted in the fields of chemistry and bio-medicine. During the round table, they discussed the results of the projects and the development prospects for the therapeutic use of nucleic acids, particularly in combination with small molecules and immunotherapy. 14 projects were prepared and presented by young scientists and students.


  • A summary of the implementation of Skoltech projects.
  • Students gained new knowledge in chemistry and bio-medicine.
  • Students and postgraduates from partner universities were introduced to the Skoltech innovation ecosystem.
  • Preliminary agreements were reached on joint research and exchange students between Skoltech and partner universities.


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