Philipp Khaitovich of Skoltech’s CNBR recently attended the “BRICS Biotechnology and Biomedicine Innovation Collaboration Conference”


Image: Professor Philipp Khaitovich (left)


Professor Philipp Khaitovich of Skoltech’s Center for Neurobiology and Brain Restoration took part in the “BRICS Biotechnology and Biomedicine Innovation Collaboration Conference,” which was held in Taizhou, China, on November 1-2, 2019. During the event, leading experts made decisions on further development in areas such as cooperation potential in the biotechnology and biomedicine fields, big data in medical and biomedicine innovation, clinical translational medicine, cutting-edge innovation in biomedicine (molecular imaging, proteomics, mRNA), advanced medical technology and innovative medical device & medical equipment and many others. The key parties also signed the conference protocol titled, “Taizhou Minutes for BRICS Biotechnology and Biomedicine Innovation Collaboration.”

BRICS countries account for 42% of the world’s population and 17% of global funding for scientific research. In this sense, science and people’s livelihoods in BRICS countries play a significant role in developing economic globalization. As an emerging economy with great potential for development, BRICS will open new paths for global achievements in innovation technology in order to realize the transformation of commercial value.

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