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Superpowers of nature translated into technology

Only the most resilient, the fastest and the clingiest have survived through millions of years of the evolutionary race: mosquitoes with their ultra-sensitive blood sensors, frogs with their saliva 50 times stickier than modern polymers, and geckos with their incredibly prehensile paws ‒ superabilities that even Marvel and DC would envy!


Borrowing technology from nature is not uncommon: looking at spiders, scientists invented hydraulic pumps, armor and telephoto lenses. The study of lizards prompted the idea of adhesive tape and the cockroach exoskeleton evolved into a robot capable of squeezing into the tiniest of openings. Ilya Gomyranov of Skoltech will talk about the miraculous abilities of animals and the modern-day technologies inspired by the wild world.

Ilya Gomyranov is a zoologist and an employee of the Skoltech Center for Open Learning

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