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A paper by Skoltech researchers is praised as the most discussed research work of the year!

The paper authored by Skoltech and Samsung AI center researchers, Egor Zakharov, Alexandra Shisheya, Egor Burkov and Victor Lempitsky, is listed in Altmetric Top 100 best research works from all over the world published by Altmetric that analyzes online activity around scholarly literature. What’s even more remarkable is that the paper by Skoltech researchers is the most widely shared in the Altmetric Top 100’s seven-year history.

The paper which looks at creating systems that can synthesize realistic video-sequences of speech and expressions that mimic a particular individual breaks new ground in face recognition and generation.

One of the authors, Egor Zakharov, explains the idea behind their research: “Our paper is inspired by the need to develop better telepresence solutions for augmented and virtual reality. The important component of telepresence applications is a realistic simulation of a person’s appearance, which we try to perfect with the power of deep learning.”

Professor Lempitsky notes: “Our technology can learn photorealistic head avatars from a handful of images of a person, using a new deep learning model trained on a large dataset of videos of celebrities.”

Skoltech is proud of its researchers. Dmitry Matsnev, Deputy Director of the Skoltech Center for Computational and Data-Intensive Science and Engineering (CDISE), says: “To be honest, this news comes as little surprise. This research achievement of our team of MSc and PhD students led by Professor Lempitsky, one of the world’s top experts in the field, generated tremendous excitement around the world the minute it came out. This is to say that Skoltech is doing a great job pursuing its mission to cultivate a new generation of technology and business leaders capable of dealing with the biggest industry challenges and creating globally competitive products.”

This year, Altmetric Top 100 features works published in 43 different journals, preprint servers, and government websites. The Harvard University authors appeared most often in the list (11 papers), while the journal Nature featured more than any other (12 times).

Altmetric collates what people are saying about published research outputs in scholarly and non-scholarly forums like the mainstream media, policy documents, social networks, and blogs.

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