Skolkovo Ventures contributes to the Skoltech Endowment

In the lead-up to the New Year Day, Skolkovo Ventures contributed to the Skoltech Endowment by inviting its investment partners to come and visit the Skoltech ecosystem throughout the year 2020. The initiative should help involve a broad investor community in the activities of the Skolkovo Innovation Center and highlight Skoltech as a centerpiece of the Skolkovo ecosystem with its investment and research environment conducive to cultivating globally competitive businesses.

Skolkovo Ventures Director, Vladimir Sakovich, says: “I am convinced that the advancement of basic and applied science is a key to a burgeoning and self-sustained venture capital market. As our New Year greeting, we invite our partners to immerse themselves in a fascinating world of modern science and witness the birth of cutting-edge technology in neuroscience, additive manufacturing, photonics, robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence that are regarded as the pillars of tomorrow’s venture capital market.”

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