Skoltech to host the first Russian Youth Internet Governance Forum

Skoltech invites Russian university students to join in the discussions at the first Russian Youth Internet Governance Forum to be held at Skoltech on April 6.

Academia, public officials and students will discuss hot-button issues, such as development of the Internet, the global technology and sense management policies, and the risks and opportunities associated with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The Forum is a unique platform where, for the first time in Russia, students will participate in the debate on Internet-related topics on par with other participants.

The Forum’s keynote speakers include Alexander Kuleshov, Skoltech’s President and Full Member of RAS,  Maxim Fedorov, Director of the  Skoltech Center for Computational and Data-Intensive Science and Engineering (CDISE), Aleksey Natekin, founder of Open Data Science, the C.I.S.’s largest data expert community, and CEO of Data Souls, a platform for ML competitions, Natalia Germanova, member of the Standard Language Theory Taskforce ​​at the Institute of Linguistics of RAS, and Alexander Ageev, General Director of the International Research Institute for Advanced Systems, General Director of the Institute for Economic Strategies of RAS, and Member of the Russian and European Academies of Natural Sciences.

The Internet Governance Forum was established by the UN in 2006 as a platform for multidisciplinary dialogue on Internet governance and information technology policies. The Forum’s mandate provides for broad discussions on the Internet and IT- related matters. This year, the discussion platform will be open to young people for the first time in Russia.

Organizers: Skoltech, the Coordination Center for Domains .RU/.РФ, and the Russian Center for Promotion of International Initiatives.

Youth RGIF postponed until next fall


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