Term 4 online

For Term 4, beginning on 13 April, all teaching and advising at Skoltech will be delivered online using Canvas, Zoom and other conferencing/teaching tools for synchronous interactive communication and learning. More information for Faculty and students can be found in Canvas and e-mail announcements.
Library resources required for online learning, including databases and textbooks, are available remotely.

April 13, 2020, Keith Stevenson, Skoltech provost and professor:
”We’ve just started the Term 4 fully online. It is clear that remote education is not so easy, but I can assure that it is quite inspiring and presents a great opportunity. Today we’ve had a lecture on topic of electrochemistry, which is not so easy to do remotely and wirelessly, especially when it comes to doing experimental electrochemistry with a virtual laboratory component. But we are prepared for it and I know it will provide great benefit for further digital transformation and drive value for Skoltech’s research, education and innovation activities.”​

Detailed instructions for access are on the library website at https://www.skoltech.ru/en/education/library
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