Skoltech will take part in the international conference Startup Village Livestream’20

This year SKOLKOVO Foundation is celebrating its 10th anniversary, and the Innovation Center is hosting Startup Village for the 8th time. For the first time, the conference will be held in an online format and will be free for its participants. It will focus on innovations at the intersection of different ideas and concepts.


The latest technologies will give the participants of Startup Village Livestream’20 online access to interesting sessions, startup competitions, meetings with mentors and investors, and ample opportunities to communicate with each other from different locations worldwide. On May 21 and 22, the virtual platform of the conference will bring together more than 50,000 participants from 80 countries. A total of 80 sessions distributed between 4 parallel tracks will be organized.

One of the central sessions of the conference will be a hot topic discussion Quarantine Technologies. Has the pandemic managed to accelerate digitalization? where  Alexander Kuleshov (Skoltech President), Anatoly Chubais (Chairman of the Board, RUSNANO), and Alexander Akopov (General producer, Cosmos studio)  will talk about the unexpected boost that the pandemic and quarantine have given to digital technologies. They will exchange comments on the recent changes in different industrial sectors and the opportunities that have opened or become irrelevant.

As in previous years, Skoltech professors and students take an active part in Startup Village. Skoltech representatives will share their experience and present their projects.

Three Skoltech researchers are among the speakers, and Maxim Kiselev, Professor of practice at the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI) will be a mentor in the startup competition.

On May 21, Professor Ivan Oseledets from the Center for Computational and Data-intensive Science (CDISE), will give a lecture on how artificial intelligence sets trends as part of Global Track. On May 22, Maxim Fedorov, CDISE Professor and Skoltech Vice President will make a presentation Sustainable AI development. Skolkovo and Skoltech global initiatives in the framework of Partner Track. Also on May 22, Skoltech CDISE senior researcher Igor Zakharov will hold a workshop on quantum computing technologies Introduction to quantum computing technology: quantum computers and algorithms.

The conference will include a traditional startup competition and startup exhibition (Startup Bazar).

As many as 12 startups created at Skoltech or developing in collaboration with Skoltech will compete for the total prize fund of 24 million rubles. The startup competition will be held in four technological categories: information, industrial, energy, and biomedical technologies. Among the semi-finalists are HeadKraken (a platform for eSports data collection and analysis), Tetraquant (a device for synthesizing particles that can be used in drug delivery), Cyberphysics (hybrid analytics for effective asset management), SmugNet (predictive models for creating drug targets), WareVision  (robotic solutions for warehouses), Ecobot (a robotic waste sorting module), Native Robotics (applications for industrial robots), XreadyLab (3D simulators for the educational process), Move.Now (a smart tracking device that allows gathering insights and analytics on patients recovering from knee injuries), LabAdvance (experimental research in the oil and gas industry), Laminate IT (composite materials), BazAR (3D models of meals for food delivery services and restaurants).

At the exhibition,  the so-called BAZAR, Skoltech will present 6 startups: Information system for monitoring the icing intensity (MIG), ground stations for receiving images of the Earth from Space in real time (LoReTT), smart farm GreenBar, a cloud monitoring system for stores (Inspector Cloud), a body scanning and measuring technology for size-and-fit advisory (Texel) and a project dedicated to the production of large jointless composite products (Laminate IT).

To take a virtual part in STARTUP VILLAGE 2020, register at

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