State-of-the-Art Mass Spectrometry

The mass spectrometer is a research instrument that ranks among the world’s greatest inventions. Mass spectrometry that helps weigh an individual molecule’s weight has become a fixture in doping research, medicine, ecology, and even museums.


Skoltech is pleased to announce a new course of lectures on mass spectrometry, delivered by its top scientists:


January 28: What is a mass spectrometer? How and why do scientists “weigh” molecules?

February 4: How to detect doping, drugs and poisons in human blood?

February 11: Mass spectrometry in healthcare.

February 18: Mass spectrometry in oncology.

February 25: Molecular ecology.

March 4: Mummies, dinosaurs, and beer. Mass spectrometry in archeology, paleontology, and museums.

Speakers: Corresponding Member of RAS, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor Evgeny Nikolaev, PhD in Physics and Mathematics, Assistant Professor Yury Kostyukevich, PhD in Physics and Mathematics, Senior Research Scientist Alexey Kononikhin, PhD in Chemistry and Senior Research Scientist Alexander Zherebker.

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