Hey, are you vaccinated? Skoltech, EUSP and NES experts tackled questions on COVID-19 and vaccination (RU)

The July 1 webinar on COVID-19 vaccination “Hey, are you vaccinated?” featuring professors from Skoltech, the European University in Saint Petersburg and New Economic School attracted over a hundred pressing questions on SARS-CoV-2 and the vaccines against it. Mikhail Gelfand and Georgii Bazykin of Skoltech, Anton Barchuk of EUSP and Ruben Enikolopov of NES spent over 90 minutes answering the most interesting questions. They talked about everything from new strains and vaccine efficacy to building trust in vaccination and how long this “coronavirus era” will last.

“If our listeners learn one thing from this webinar today, let it be [the idea of comparing risks of adverse events from vaccination and risks from getting COVID-19]… People are bad at evaluating risks, but this is key – getting sick is orders of magnitude more dangerous to you personally than getting a vaccine,” Georgii Bazykin said during the webinar.

The webinar was organized by the New University League, which brings together new-generation Russian universities created according to international standards.








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