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Two Skoltech mathematicians entered ICM 2022 Plenary and Special speakers list 

The International Congress of Mathematicians Program Committee has determined the plenary, special, and invited speakers list. Two Skoltech representatives, Professor Igor Krichever, founding director of the Center of Advanced Studies, have been selected as a plenary speaker. Professor Evgeny Feigin of the Center of Advanced Studies will give a lecture in the Lie theory and generalizations section. 


Igor Krichever and Evgeny Feigin

The International Congress of Mathematicians — a crucial meeting of the world’s mathematical community — will take place in St. Petersburg in July 2022. The central part of the scientific program of the congress is plenary, special, and invited speakers talks, where distinguished mathematicians will report on exciting recent development across all 20 sections of the ICM program.  

“The International Congress of Mathematicians is an exceptional event,” says Professor Igor Krichever. “Young researchers should definitely visit the congress to meet the world of mathematics, to dive into its versatility and magnitude, to feel belonging to a large community and overcome the feeling of isolation.” The plenary speakers comprise 21 of the world’s leading mathematicians, representing ten countries and all areas of mathematics.

“It is a special honor for me to be invited to speak at the ICM 2022. I am grateful for the opportunity to present my results. In my talk, I plan to review a link between the Lie theory, the theory of quiver Grassmannians, and various degenerations of flag varieties,” says Professor Evgeny Feigin. 

We are looking forward to hearing Professors Igor Krichever and Evgeny Feigin’s lectures next July in St. Petersburg. 


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