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Energy transition drivers and new consumption patterns (RUS)

Is it possible to switch to resource-efficient energy and where does ESG come into play? What steps will help achieve carbon neutrality? How to turn carbon into useful products and not just reduce carbon dioxide emissions? What types of environmentally friendly fuels are available? Could electric vehicles pose a threat for distribution networks?

At the lecture, Skoltech professors will answer all these questions. Stanislav Fedotov will talk about key trends in battery technology and related aspects of hydrogen energy and CO2 capture. Elena Gryazina will discuss the impact of technology on electricity consumption patterns, energy transition, and the ESG agenda.

And, most importantly, we will discuss Skoltech’s MSc and PhD programs, admission and selection procedures, learning process, and opportunities for recent graduates.

Join the lecture to learn more about:

  • ML methods that help identify electrical appliances with power on using a smart meter’s readings,
  • the ESG agenda and steps towards carbon neutrality planned for the coming years,
  • mass transition to electric vehicles as an alleged threat to distribution networks and the entire energy system,
  • current changes in the energy sector, prevailing global trends and development prospects, and realities in individual countries,
  • Skoltech’s dedicated educational offerings and admission to tuition-free programs.

About the speakers

Elena Gryazina is a professor at Skoltech. Prior to joining Skoltech, she engaged in the development of randomized control and optimization algorithms at the Institute of Control Problems of RAS and worked as a visiting researcher at the Joseph Fourier University in France, the Polytechnic of Turin and the University of Bergamo in Italy, and MIT in the United States. Also, she taught at Russian universities (MIPT, HSE, Innopolis) and the Yandex School of Data Analysis. For 10 years, Elena organized the Traditional Youth School (TMS) on Optimization and Management where world-renowned scholars shared their knowledge with young researchers. Now she works at the Skoltech Center for Energy Science and Technology (CEST) where she is developing a mathematical framework for the optimal functioning of future smart energy systems, as well as algorithms for load identification and management and energy-efficient indoor climate control.

Stanislav Fedotov, a Skoltech professor and PhD in Chemistry, worked as a research intern at the battery division of Haldor Topsoe A/S (Denmark) and did research in collaboration with MIT (USA), Freiberg University (Germany), and the University of Antwerp (Belgium). His research is focused on battery materials. Stanislav authored 18 original publications and attended over 30 conferences. He is a reviewer for Nature Publishing Group (Nature Communications, Scientific Reports), the American Chemical Society (ACS Energy Letters, Inorganic Chemistry), Angewandte Chemie and Elsevier (Energy Storage Materials, J. Power Sources). Stanislav is a winner of over 15 research awards and scholarships, including Ludo Frevel ICDD award, LGChem scholarship, Presidential Scholarship, and Youth Energy award. Currently, he teaches the Chemistry of Materials course at Skoltech and is engaged in the design, synthesis and analysis of new materials for energy storage and conversion, including electrode materials for rechargeable metal-ion batteries.


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