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VK cloud technology will help develop AI services for medicine

 VK has provided the medical startup, VeinCV, with free access to its GPU-based VK Cloud Solutions platform. VeinCV’s team has developed a non-contact vein imaging system that makes it easier to perform venipuncture and prepare patients for venous surgery. The GPUs used on the VK Cloud Solutions platform ensure higher efficiency of ML algorithms, better quality of the images, and faster data processing.


VeinCV, a ML-based device for fast and painless venipuncture. Credit: Oleg Rogov / Skoltech


VeinCV works like this: first the device takes a picture of a body part, finds the vasculature and then projects the image back onto the skin. Next, neural networks take over: one looks for the veins and their image and creates an anatomically accurate projection on the skin, while another aligns the “mask” in sync with the patient’s natural movements.


Venous pattern projected onto the arm by VeinCV. Credit: Oleg Rogov / Skoltech

Before VeinCV partnered with VK, all the data had been collected and processed by the device alone. Thanks to cloud computing, the application displays better quality of visualization and alignment and faster processing of the venous pattern with a more accurate assessment of the blood vessel sizes and branching. The process now takes less than 3 seconds as compared to 10-15 previously.

“Every day, over 40,000 people in Russia have their venous blood taken for lab tests. In 3% of cases, blood draws have to be repeated, leading to vein damage, bruises, and discomfort for the patient. Thanks to the VK Cloud Solutions GPUs, the NN-based segmentation models developed and trained by the VeinCV team have improved the quality of data from VeinCV devices by 11%. Along with much better image quality, cloud computing ensures faster and easier progress of the project,” Oleg Rogov, co-founder and CEO of VeinCV, says. “Going forward, we expect to use the cloud for data storage and scaling.”‎

“Aware that VK’s technologies should make life easier for both professionals and ordinary people, we provided VeinCV with free access to our cloud service based on Tesla A100 80GB GPUs (HBM2e) for several months to speed up development. We hope that this will help bring the new technology to more medical institutions and take the diagnosis and treatment of venous diseases to a new level,” Leonid Anikin, director of business development at VK Cloud Solutions, notes.

In a longer term, VeinCV’s algorithmic solutions will be used to diagnose health problems based on CT and MRI data. The cloud GPUs’ computing power and video memory will help diagnose pathologies with utmost efficiency.

About VK Cloud Solutions

VK Cloud Solutions is a cloud platform for business and development purposes that offers easy-to-use tools for building a cloud infrastructure for companies of any size. VK Cloud Solutions makes part of the VK digital technologies portfolio, leveraging on years of experience in the development of open-source Internet services and technologies.

VK Cloud Solutions provides infrastructure and platform services, expert support, custom and private installations, and helps users to migrate to the cloud. The company’s clientèle includes 1C, Bitrix, Invitro, Rosatom, X5 Group, AUCHAN, Philip Morris and other major players from various industries.

About VeinCV

VeinCV (OOO Intelfort Systems) jointly with medical professionals from leading federal clinics develops AI-based medical software and hardware solutions for clinics. After completing the pilot phase and finalizing the solution, the team will receive an FMBA license and launch production by 2023.

Founded at Skoltech in 2021, VeinCV is a resident of Skolkovo.

Contact information:
Skoltech Communications
+7 (495) 280 14 81

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