Skoltech is an international graduate research-focused university that was founded by the group of world-renowned scientists in 2011. Skoltech's curriculum focuses on technology and innovation, offering Master's programs in 11 technological disciplines. Students receive rigorous theoretical and practical training, design their own research projects, participate in internships and gain entrepreneurial skills in English. The faculty is comprised of current researchers with international accreditation and achievements.

President’s address

Dear colleagues!

We are all aware of the recent news: Skoltech is now on the sanction list of the United States. Eight months ago, that happened to MIPT, now it’s Skoltech. This was to be expected. Not because we’re involved with secret research for the military — of course, you know that we are not.

This measure has to do with a quite different purpose: What the Western establishment is after is exhausting the intellectual potential of Russia. The choice of our Institute is therefore, in a way, a token of recognition of the high level of our R&D projects.

We realize that the Institute may suffer losses of resources, and those losses might prove substantial. But we will pull through. In the short time since the news broke, I’ve talked to many of our faculty, and it’s made me even more confident: It will be hard, but we will pull through.

We will continue with our work, true to our goals and open to the world to the extent that it will be possible under the present circumstances. I call on all colleagues to keep their presence of mind and high spirits. We will pull through!


Alexander Kuleshov

P.S. Come to think of it, the things going on in the world now seem like some absurd madness. And precisely because of this, keeping a cool head and preserving our psychological wellbeing are as vital as never before.

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