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Ilya Gomyranov :”Life in the balance: rare plants and animals” (RU)

Today, over two million species of animals and plants populate our planet, and each is unique in its own way. This amazing diversity fascinates biologists around the world and leads to new discoveries nearly every day. Despite such wealth, the wildlife is extremely fragile and strongly dependent on its interactions with humans. Some species have come to be part of farming, science and even our everyday lives, while others have become extremely rare and even disappeared from the face of the Earth through our fault. Are we indeed living in an era of global extinction? Are we to blame for this? How does this affect our lives and what can each of us do to preserve biodiversity?

Ilya Gomyranov is a biologist, a Skoltech employee, and winner of the Russian award “For Fidelity to Science”. An author of many papers about animals and plants and bestsellers about wildlife, Ilya is a regular guest expert on Russian radio and TV and a member of over 30 biological expeditions to various regions of Russia and the world. 

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