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Skoltech becomes three-time winner of the Technological Breakthrough Award

On Dec. 8, the head of Skoltech Wireless, Dmitry Lakontsev, received the 2022 Technological Breakthrough Award for 5G mobile communication projects. For the third year in a row, Skoltech Wireless projects have won the award in the Breakthrough in Telecommunications category, reaffirming the center’s leadership in providing Russian economy with cutting-edge wireless technology.


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“I am happy that our center has been holding the bar high and winning this prestigious award over and over again,” Lakontsev commented. “Our team places a high premium on technological leadership and seeks to get a head start over world leaders in wireless technology. This is a challenging task even in normal times, which becomes almost intractable in the current exceptional situation. Yet for us, the bigger the challenge, the more energy we have to deal with it! Winning the award means that we are on the right track. My deep thanks to the Skoltech Wireless team and each of its members for their hard work, devotion, and commitment to the spirit of leadership.”

This year, Skoltech Wireless has carried on with its 5G projects and implemented the video over 5G new radio, or ViNR, technology developed locally and enabling one-click high-resolution video calls. ViNR is special in that it can function without third-party applications, such as WhatsApp, Telegram, or Skype. All you need to do to make a video call is to have a smartphone that supports 5G and is connected to a 5G network running on Skoltech Wireless’s software.

The team’s tests on several popular smartphones demonstrated reliable and stable performance of the solution. Importantly, the ViNR technology functions only in standalone 5G networks, such as the network deployed at Skoltech.

Skoltech Wireless’s 5G solution is intended primarily for Russian enterprises wishing to create their own communications infrastructure.

Founded by the NTI Platform, NTI Foundation, and University 2035, the Technological Breakthrough Award is conferred on project leaders, scientists, and product developers for fundamental contributions to the country’s technological development.


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