In just three years since our founding in October 2011, we have attracted an international student community of nearly 200 innovators, hackathon enthusiasts, technological entrepreneurs, engineers, and scientists.

We offer an MIT-designed hands-on experience in brand-new facilities with world-class professors — all in English, just outside of Moscow, with plentiful international exchange opportunities — all leading toward one goal: preparing our students and graduates to impact the world through scientific discovery and technological innovation.

We are a start-up university for a start-up world. We have one of the highest rates of student entrepreneurship of any university in the world.

More than 1/4 of our students have spent or will spend an academic term or year at our primary partner – MIT.

Our students engage in research early and often in their Skoltech careers, and spend their summers in industrial immersion programs in some of the world’s most exciting companies.

Our students hail from over 20 countries and speak more than 30 languages.

Applications to join our growing community as an MSc student are now being accepted for the following interdisciplinary programs

  • Biomedical Science and Technology
  • Information Science and Technology
    • Big Data
    • Computational Mathematics
    • Quantum Computing
  • Energy Science and Technology
    • ​Energy Systems
    • Energy Storage
    • Oil and Gas Science and Engineering
  • Space Science and Technology
    • ​Systems Engineering
    • Space Data
  • Manufacturing and Product Realization
    • Materials Engineering
    • Manufacturing
    • Product Design