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Seminar: In Search for New Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage

A side view of a Solar Tower in operation. Image courtesy of CSIRO, Australia

A side view of a Solar Tower in operation. Image courtesy of CSIRO, Australia

We invite you to a seminar titled: “In Search for new Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage”.

When: Friday 12th December at 2pm

Where: Lecture hall Beijing 2, Moscow School of Management

Speaker: Oleg Semenikhin, Department of Chemistry, The University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada.

Abstract: In this talk I will provide a short overview of recent studies in my group of new materials for energy conversion and storage. Specifically, I will talk about properties and applications of amorphous carbon nitride (CNx) prepared by reactive magnetron sputtering.

Several aspects will be addressed. First, amorphous carbon nitride is an extremely robust and stable material, which makes it a promising candidate for various protective coating, including coating for electrodes will be reviewed.

Next, nitrogen incorporation into carbon significantly changes its electronic properties causing a transition from a semi-metallic graphic like material to a semiconductor suitable for application as a light absorbing material over the entire solar spectrum, allowing one to build efficient all-carbon solar cells.

Nitrogen-rich amorphous carbon nitride was also demonstrated to be useful as ab acceptor in more traditional donor-acceptor organic solar cells.

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