Solid State Physics Seminar: Heat transport in a Hand-made Luttinger Liquid

Luttinger liquid. Image courtesy of

Luttinger liquid. Image courtesy of

We invite you to our Solid State Physics Seminar.

When: 10 December, Wednesday at 16:30

Where: Lecture hall Beijing-1, Moscow School of Management

What:  Heat transport in a hand-made Luttinger liquid

Speaker:  Dr.  Vadim Khrapai, Institute of Solid State Physics RAS, Chernogolovka and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Dolgoprudny

In a popular-science manner, I will introduce a notion of one-dimensional electronic  Luttinger liquid. Unlike in higher-dimensional electronic systems, the energy and momentum conservation laws preclude thermal equilibration in such a system. To my best knowledge, this counter-intuitive prediction was so far not verified experimentally.

In this talk I will present recent experiments [1] on manipulation of heat flux in an artificial Luttinger liquid, based on counter-propagating quantum Hall edge channels in a two-dimensional system in GaAs. The role of collective excitations and their elastic scattering for the heat transport and equilibration will be discussed.
[1] M.G. Prokudina, S. Ludwig, V. Pellegrini, L. Sorba, G. Biasiol, V.S. Khrapai, Tunable non-equilibrium Luttinger liquid based on counter-propagating edge channels, Physical Review Letters 112, 216402 (2014).

Website of the Solid State Physics Seminar:

If you like to participate and for further information or questions, please Liliya Abaimova
Please confirm your attendance. We look forward to seeing you.

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