“You want to engage in advanced science? Then Skoltech is for you!”

IMG_8286The Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology hosted the annual Open Day for prospective students and postgraduates.
Once again, the doors of the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology opened in front of the best students and graduates of Russian universities seeking new opportunities to use their talents. That day more than 300 young people filled the audience to hear first-hand the story of what it is to be a student of the most unusual technical university in the country, about how and who teaches the people who will be the future of scientific engineering and business elite of Russia and the world.


Skoltech President, Academician Alexander Kuleshov, delivered a welcome speech and made a pleasant surprise: “This year we decided to make procedure of application easier and in some ways more democratic. Each of you here have the opportunity to be enrolled without tests if he can get a recommendation from one of our professors”, declared the president.

IMG_8312Alexander Kuleshov, academician, president of Skoltech: “For now, the Russian student is very little focused on the success of the commercial component of science. Unfortunately, year-by-year, official statistics say that fewer people aim to succeed in business, science, and entrepreneurship. Young people are increasingly looking to a job in government or large corporations and it is very, very sad. One of our tasks is to reverse this trend. Young people choose their targets simply – if they see that success could be achieved in a certain area, then that’s where they will direct their efforts. In order to change the wind, we need to create in Skoltech success stories in other areas, those needed to our country, our society”.

IMG_8315 (1)Alexei Sitnikov, Vice-President of Skoltech, told afterwards about the educational program and its differences from other schools. The work of the CREIs (Centers for Research, Education and Innovation) and the educational process, the role of Skoltech and its centers in the implementation of the National Technology Initiative, who teaches and who learns at Skoltech, why the process of education here is in English, and about the difference between a graduates of Skoltech and graduates of other schools – all these questions by the participants of the open doors day received a response from the university leaders. But, more importantly, future students could have the example of the real success stories of Skoltech alumni, such as the project of Skoltech graduates Ekaterina Kotenko-Lengold and many others.

The vibrant and exciting performance of Artem Oganov showed future students how Skoltech can become a dream that came true. “I’m a dreamer and I dream for most of my life, but I love to dream actively”, says Oganov and flashes forward, “For me Skoltech was born from the dream about a small university, where the best professors, the best students, the Western international training programs and competitive salaries have been collected. When I found out that this IMG_8310University was established, I was one of the first who applied – you need to keep your word. And now, after spending 16 years abroad and arriving here, I do not regret about my decision. Here I am, happy, and I think that for you too Skoltech can be a part of your dream. Why am I happy? Here I have the opportunity to work with the best students, I have here the best colleagues with whom you can really discuss science, learn from them and do something with them. It has great facilities and infrastructure. But most importantly – a great atmosphere. The confidence, friendly and dynamic. You want to engage in advanced science? You want to engage in cutting-edge technology? You do not have to dream to get rich, though it is also possible, but you want to do something in life? – Then Skoltech is for you! For me, who has lived more than 16 years abroad, work experience in another system was absolutely priceless. I changed as a person – became stronger, adaptive, dynamic, more resistant to stress, overload – for anything. You want to become a better and more professional? To do this, you needn’t live 16 years abroad now, take place as professionals and learn everything in your home country and it is much more comfortable when a country applies for this effort. Skoltech – applies! “.

After the official part, the applicants engaged in an informal dialogue with the leadership of the University, which was followed by the presentation of research centers and courses and familiarity with the professors. The open doors closed only after the tour in the labs and equipment demonstration.

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