Open call for research fellowships in Systems Biology

The Skoltech Center for Data Intensive Biomedicine and Biotechnology  is proud to announce for the third time an open call for research fellowships in Systems Biology. The program is made possible through a generous support from Philip Morris Sales and Marketing. This competitive program is open to advanced graduate students and recent postdocs from Russian higher education establishments and research institutions. This program is coordinated by Skoltech professors Mikhail GelfandDmitri Pervouchine and Dmitri Chudakov. A transparent procedure involving international scientific expertise will be implemented to select the best proposal for three years’ of support of basic research in the broad field of systems biology and data-intensive biology, which is in the main focus of biomedical research at Skoltech. Up to five winners will be announced in May 2018 by the Board, which consists of Prof. Manuel Peitsch, the Chief Scientific Officer of Philip Morris International, Dr. Dalia Cohen,  Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of the the RNA Medicines Company, and Konstantin Severinov, Director of the Skoltech Center for Data Intensive Biomedicine and Biotechnology. In addition to support for their projects, fellows will be provided with mentorship opportunities through networking with best Russian and international scientists in the field. For further questions, please contact Maria Kolesnikova (tel: +7 495 280 14 81, email:

Who can apply

How to apply

Schedule and Contact

The total amount of support is 630,000 rubles per year. The funds for Project implementation will be remitted by wire transfer to the Fellow’s account after all necessary reports are submitted. The total sum of the 3-year support amounts up to 1,890,000 rubles.


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