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Skoltech and MSU discuss hot issues of modern electrochemistry

Skoltech’s Center for Electrochemical Energy Storage jointly with the Faculty of Chemistry of Lomonosov Moscow State University conducted the 3rd International Youth Scientific Conference Topical Issues of Modern Electrochemistry and Electrochemical Materials Science.


Photo: Timur Sabirov / Skoltech


Keith Stevenson, Director of Skoltech Center for Electrochemical Energy Storage: “This is the 3rd conference of young scientists, and the main goal is to invite leading experts of the world level who deal with issues of electrochemical energy storage. So that they can share in their lectures a fundamental vision of the concepts of future solutions with our students and students of other countries.”



Professor Keith Stevenson. Photo: Timur Sabirov / Skoltech


Focusing on the latest advances, present-day challenges and prospects in the field of energy storage, the conference attracted eminent Russian and foreign scholars and researchers: Professor Claude Delmas (Bordeaux Institute of Condensed-Matter Chemistry, France), Professor Shinichi Komaba (Kyoto University, Japan), Professor Matthieu Saubanère (Institut Charles Gerhardt Montpellier, France), Professor An Hardy (Hasselt University, Belgium), and Professor Chris Pickard (University of Cambridge, UK).


Photo: Timur Sabirov / Skoltech


Every single presentation was followed by a long Q&A session, drawing all the participants into the discussion. Young scientists participated in the poster session where they presented their projects to renowned professors from major international universities. The winners were praised by the jury and awarded memorable gifts.


Professor Shinichi Komaba. Photo: Timur Sabirov / Skoltech

Shinichi Komaba (Kyoto University, Japan): “It seemed to me that the level of knowledge in the field of electrochemistry in Russia is not so high, but after this conference my opinion changed for the better. Before the beginning of the conference, I visited Skoltech and it is an amazing place. The participants in our discussions are really interested, ask many questions and actively participate in the discussions. I’m really impressed by the young specialists in Russia. We are negotiating with the Skoltech’s professors about mutual cooperation and I hope for a quick positive result of our work.”


Photo: Timur Sabirov / Skoltech


Such conferences help students and young scientists to get a feel of big science, become part of the global knowledge network, make useful contacts, meet like-minded people, get feedback from young researchers and seasoned experts, expand their learning scope and start creating their own research portfolio.

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